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Complete your basic information and make the corresponding 50% payment to reserve one of the 500 available certificates. You will have 18 months to activate the certificate and once you decide to do so, you will pay the remaining 50% and choose the dates of your trip to Cabo Real paradise.

- You choose the date
- 2 Adults
- 5 Days and 4 Nights
- Terra Dome
- 18 months to activate

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Certificado Vacacional One Glamping
Vigencia: 18 meses para viajar a partir de Abril 2024
Categoría: Domo Terra
Estancia: 3 días y 2 noches
Huéspedes: 2 Adultos
Anticipo: $5,450.00 MXN
Saldo a la activación: $5,450.00 MXN

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