Cabo Real Paradise

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A paradise in Cabo Corrientes.

Cabo Real Paradise and Cabo Real Glamping are part of a tourist development created in a natural world of 1.2 million square meters, in the Tropical Jungle of Cabo Corrientes, minutes away from Puerto Vallarta, in Jalisco, México.

A paradisiacal tropical jungle full of unique species, tranquility, and peace, where life flows harmoniously. An earthly paradise where respect for life and the land interconnect harmoniously, creating a sustainable community unique in its kind and a balance in the midst of nature. An exceptional ecosystem where you can invest or simply enjoy it.
May Cabo Real Paradise stand as a symbol of hope, illustrating that by honoring and nurturing our environment, nature bestows upon us a vibrant tapestry of life and color beyond imagination.

Cabo Real luxury glamping

1.2 million square meters

In the midst of the tropical jungle

4 Tropical microclimates

Natural habitat of spectacular endemic species.

+ 150 eco-sustainable domes

Clean and renewable energies

Unique investment model

Lifetime income and professional management

Cabo Real luxury glamping

150 Million
of M2

In the middle of the tropical jungle in the Mexican Pacific.

4 Microclimates

Rivers, streams, diverse fauna and flora.

+50 Eco-sustainable Domes

Clean and renewable energy technologies.

1 Model of
unique investment.

Lifetime returns and property management.

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An Investment in Paradise

The highest appreciation, a growing market, and one of the most sought-after tourist destinations globally are some of the guarantees for investing in the most emblematic Glamping project in Latin America, Cabo Real Luxury Glamping.

We adapt to the environment.

The development of the glamping areas and the construction of each geodesic dome are carried out in communion with the open spaces discovered after each exploration, establishing ourselves only where the biodiversity of our ecosystem allows.

Discover the magic of glamping and paradise on our blog.

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