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Located only 20 minutes away from the beaches of Yelapa, Mahahuitas, and Mismaloya, and 45 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta, in Jalisco, you will find Cabo Real. A paradise that is full of vegetation and fauna that serves as a framework for one of the most ambitious sustainable developments in the country. We created an exclusive concept that promotes the integration of residences, ecotourism activities, entertainment, and exclusivity in a totally natural habitat through constructions that preserve the complete essence of an environment where thousands of species of endemic vegetation and fauna coexist as part of a landscape that can only exist in the Riviera Nayarit, a destination recognized worldwide for its more than 300 km of virgin coastline and exclusive tourist developments.


80 hectares of an exclusive space designed to live fully and naturally




Our reason for being is to offer an environment where human beings can coexist harmoniously with nature, where instead of invading spaces, we manage to give back to the earth something of what it gives us by coexisting with it and with all forms of life that inhabit the spaces over which Cabo Real extends. That is why our building standards require processes that are friendly to nature and always use certified materials that do not harmfully invade the ecosystem of the area.


Mexican beaches are experiencing explosive residential development. Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit make this business live its best moments, standing out as the largest market at a national level.

World destination

Puerto Vallarta is at the forefront as a tourist-residential market in the country, not only for the quality and diversity of its offer but also for the attractive and complete tourist services available, as well as for the cultural and gastronomic offer of the area. All this has rewarded the destination with great worldwide fame. It is one of the safest beaches in Mexico.

Strategic location

The position of our destination, in relation to the North Coast and our own country, is privileged, which has made us in recent years a very easy access destination for nationals and foreigners to the north of Mexico, gaining ground even with preferences of the East Coast that used to travel more to Cancun and has begun to change the trend due to the environment of safety and accessibility.

Rising market

Since 2006, Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings have had impressive real estate growth, confirming itself as an excellent place to invest. Even with a period of financial uncertainty such as that of the USA in 2008/2009, the market remained active without losing value in the most difficult moments, only to come back with much more strength.


Thanks to the new platforms, the condominium units offer excellent profitability that can even exceed 25 percent annual return.

Capital gains

The value of the properties goes hand in hand with the foreign market and, therefore, with the dollar, which, due to its floating and parity with the peso, allows us to offer an extraordinary capital gain.



A natural space like Cabo Real cannot be complete without activities and attractions that allow adventure and culture to be part of your day-to-day. Zip-lining, rafting, mountain biking, sport fishing, exhibitions, gastronomy, and many other possibilities are what you will be able to take advantage of every minute while you combine rest with adventure and family life in Cabo Real.


We know that nowadays stress and daily situations determine to a great extent the quality of life; that is why in Cabo Real we care about having spaces where relaxation and direct contact with naturally organic environments become part of your daily life. An unbeatable climate, pure air, and silent sunsets on the mountain slopes overlooking the sea will be the best treatment for you to connect with yourself and forget the worries of everyday life.

life, adventure, rest

There is no better place in Mexico to create a community that enjoys nature and quality of life than the one you will find in the tropical jungle of Jalisco, 20 minutes away from the beaches of Yelapa, Mahahuitas, and Mismaloya. Located in the heart of Boca de Tomatlan, Cabo Real is a sustainable tropical paradise within nature that offers the possibility of combining a holistic lifestyle focused on tranquility and relaxation, with a concept of adventure that puts within your reach large natural green areas and spaces that invite you to practice extreme activities individually or with your family, guaranteeing quality of life, fun, entertainment, tranquility, and access to a huge amount of amenities that will make every moment in Cabo Real an unforgettable experience.

Wrapped in 80 hectares of natural vegetation within a mountain overlooking the most beautiful beaches of the Mexican Pacific, we are pre-selling the first stage of the Cabo Real development; the next residential and tourist real estate jewel of Mexico.

The project will give life to a residential and tourist complex with large spaces and a series of amenities designed to ensure that there is always access to culture, fun, sports, entertainment, pleasure, gastronomy, outdoor activities, and a series of holistic and spiritual alternatives under the concept of "a heritage for life".

Residential lots starting at 450m2

Up to 7 years of financing

Payments starting at $4,900 MXN per month

  • Clubhouse with swimming pools, spa, barbecue grills, gym, sports courts, and wifi
  • Holistic Center with temazcal (traditional Mexican sweat lodge) and gardens for events
  • Controlled access and private security 24 hours a day
  • Green areas
  • Jogging track
  • Event venues
  • Bike and motocross track
  • Zipline
  • Intensive cultivation natural orchard
  • Boutique Hotel in the Jungle
  • Commercial zone
  • Enogastronomic space
  • PreHispanic Theater
  • Holistic Medicine Center
  • Harmonious architecture


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